Start of somthing new.<3

That moment when you’re sitting there alone not knowing what could possibly happen to you in your future and you wonder what if im alone forever. Because everything bad that could possibly happen to you already did. Then you meet someone new and they change your whole point of view on everything. They give you that one look and you know that everything they are saying is true, they show their feelings to you everywhere you go and they constantly remind you how much you mean to them and you start falling for them and like turns into an I love you. Then you promise to be together forever and you promise each other everyday that you guys will make it, and you know whats cool? That you actually trust each other and both of you know exactly what you want so forever is more than possible.<3

Life could be so easy, but also so hard. You can be positive about your decisions or you can be negative. Your attitude defines who you are so you are in charge of how people treat you. Be grateful and live life with a good attitude. You never know when you might miss something so great because you had a bad attitude. You’re better than that I promise..<3